Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In Which We Experience Burnout

After battling a head cold for the last few days and then having it move into my chest the fatigue level has risen to a silly level and its only Tuesday.
This is the time of year when creative and motivational burnout run rampant around here. Well, at least for me. The winter continues to drag on, this year dumping almost record breaking amounts of snow (132 inches anyone?), being below average temps most of the season, and we had a whole month where we really didn't see the sun. Its the time of year where you sit down at your computer to work on something you have sort of thought about all day only to have nothing come out of your fingers when you put them on the keys.
I call this winter burnout. Where all the planning in the world is great but when its all waiting to happen until the snow melts, your brain starts to just see patterns and letters on the page. While many of my ideas become great coherent thoughts in my head, getting them out gets harder and harder. There are less distractions to recharge with between work and home (where I also work). You leave one computer only to find yourself right in front of another one with no idea what you were going to do.
In the warmer season when I need to do this computer to computer shuffle I often take a walk in between and then drag my laptop out to the lazy boy on the porch and enjoy the warm sunshine while I pound out the plans that are over crowding my head. You see thats what I do most of the time, event plan.
Just the other night I laid down to try and sleep (I was so tired) and what popped into my head as soon as it hit the pillow? How to logistically run the art auction for this years Benefit Evil (www.benefitevil.com). I must have mulled this over for a good half hour before I could turn that portion of my brain off. I don't actually have to think about this for MONTHS but randomly I had to think about it right then. I plan camping events on my lunch break, organize feasts and outings on scribbled down sticky notes which I then bring home and transfer into the event binder. Seriously, all the time!
So I begin to experience extreme brain drain. Its like the planning goes into overdrive to make up for the lack of color in the landscape around me.

Enough rambling, time to go try and put some other planning together.

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