Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Long and Tired Day

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I think it has to do with the constantly changing weather. Its been a mild winter here in Upstate NY so far which I won't complain about. However the Mother Nature has been unable to agree just how warm or cold it should be so we have had some warm days followed by bitter chilly days. I think this has just thrown me all sorts of out of whack as far as being able to get a good nights sleep goes. Sometimes I'm asleep early only to wake up in the middle of the night, and some nights I just can't get to bed. It has however given me some pretty intense dreams although most of them are bad.
I'm one of these people who if I get a chill I just can't warm up. I think this bothers me more then anything about the winter season around here. Well, that and the lack of sunshine. Finding inspiration when the sun won't peak its head out for days at a time can be hard. But you keep going and eventually the sun does come out and inspiration strikes once again.
Tonight I hope I dream of sunny days. Tomorrow is Friday and thats always a welcome thing.
Today I leave you with a picture of my wonderfully dirty camp feet basking in the sun.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Idea

After many years of going to the Sterling Renaissance Fair I finally had the real opportunity to work there. Almost every year for the previous 6 years I had been offered a job from one vendor or another when I went on opening weekend. Despite all the offers I was never able to take them due to lack of a car, or working weekends as a waitress, or other summer plans that would get in the way. In 2009 I went and found a shop that I fell in love with. Moresca sells renaissance styled clothes as well as more fantasy styled offerings and I was immediately attracted to the style, the friendly people who worked there, and the fantastic fabrics they used.
In the Spring of 2010 I had this crazy idea. I finally had weekends free and a car that worked. The thought struck me that I should just go ahead and see if Moresca had any positions available for the season. So I sent off an email asking if they might be looking for someone. I received a reply saying that they didn't think so but they would keep me in mind. So I replied with a thank you and attached my resume saying "just in case". Two days later I was hired for the season.
Finally the summer arrived and Fair was about to open. I drove in the day before to meet everyone and help set up the shop. I remember being nervous and at the same time incredibly excited. Would these people like me? Would I be able to keep up? Would I work out? After the first weekend all my fears were put to rest. I met some of the most wonderful people working there that year who filled me with inspiration and joy! The season flew by. Halfway through Jo
(one of the owners of Moresca) went off to run another show and it was up to myself and Justin (who is a wonderful dude) to run the shop. Those were some seriously busy weekends! Since there was space I stayed the night on Saturdays and began to meet more and more people in this fantastic community.
All too soon the season was over. I shed many tears bidding goodbye to these people who had touched my life so profoundly even if they didn't know it. After that the idea was truly born. I started to wonder if this was something I could REALLY do. I thought, and pondered, and worried, and began to plan. And here we stand. Getting ready to take that leap into the great unknown. Leaving everything behind, getting rid of almost everything I own, and beginning that journey to see the country through the lens of Faire.
It will still take some time. There are things to prepare, debt to pay down, and lots of planning to be ready. I have the idea now, and I'm not going to give it up!

Today's inspiring picture comes from my own collection and is from Sterling Renaissance Fair 2010. I think this was one of the last weekends of Faire.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thoughts of Spring

The weather today was unusually warm (especially for January) and it almost, almost, felt like Spring. This little tease from Mother Nature was both cruel and wonderful all at the same time. It brought about thoughts of camp but at the same time teased me. Reminding me that Spring isn't really right around the corner. However the sun shine and warm air was inspiring! It brought about ideas for new garb, camp dinner menus, and memories of lazy days in the sun with wonderful people.
I've always enjoyed planning things. Call it my (one of my) strange obsessions. Planning something gives me a great satisfaction and brings about an odd feeling of joy and serenity. Making lists of gear to bring and dinner menus. Cooking at camp feels to me like meditation. It brings a peace and joy to feed those around me.

Especially when cooking over the fire on my tripod in my well worn cast iron pots. Simmering something slowly all day, watching it brew and bubble into something tasty, and the excitement when everyone enjoys eating it at dinner time. The wonder of slow cooking is something often lost these days. Getting back to the basics of truly slow cooking is such a wonder. Watching the fire to make sure its just right and the things cooking aren't boiling over or even worse not cooking at all! It really is a delight! So with thoughts of slowing down and taking a moment to savor every minute you can with those you love I leave you with this picture of me getting ready to cook at camp. The picture comes from Northern War Camp 2011 taken by Chris Manoharan.

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Vision for the Future

Soon enough I'll have a whole new blog to plot out my course into the future. For now this same old blog will just have to do. The "big plan" is to be on the road full time by Spring 2013 traveling with the Renaissance Fair circuit. I fell in love with the Ren Fair back when my parents first brought me back when I was about 12. Ever since then I've had a love for garb and all the wonderful play acting that Ren Fair brings. Fast f
orward many years later. I've gone to my local Ren Fair every year since my family first brought me and loved it every time. It was always sad when the season was over. About two years ago I bumped into an old friend who did reenactment with the SCA (I'll elaborate more on this another day) but my dream of more then just garb was born. I enjoyed camping and living as a Viking for a few weekends each summer. Life was turned upside down for a while as some major life changes took place. After that I know I had to follow this dream of mine. I needed to follow the sun, along with a dream I had for so long.

Each day I'll try and tell a little more of my story and how I'm preparing for this big change. My goal is to be on the road by the Spring of 2013. I figured setting a goal would help keep me on track as far as getting everything done I need to before I know I can undergo this adventure.
Along with telling about my adventure, each day I shall post a picture for inspiration. It might be from the Ren Fair or it could be from my reenactment adventures. Some will be ones I have taken, and some will be from other artists I admire.
Today's inspiring Ren Fair picture comes from my own collection from the summer of 2010 when I worked for Moresca at Sterling Renaissance Festival.