Saturday, February 19, 2011

Showtime and Starz

I love historical shows. Shows like The Tudors, Rome, and Spartacus, always seem to capture my attention like no other show can (although I am also in the middle of a new found love for Dexter). They may not always be the best of the best when it comes to shows, but when I can't be out reenacting myself, they fill in when I can't do it myself. However both these stations/production companies suffer from this problem of unnecessary sex scenes. I am no prude by any means, and a good passion scene can add a layer of emotion to a show that was not there before. But it seems to me that they have decided that simply because they are cable channels that are known for sexy they throw more sex in some episodes then some pornos have. I have even been known to fast forward through them when they show the third sex scene in 15 minutes into a show that is only an hour long. At some point you want to yell "OK I GET IT!" and wish only that they move on and get back to the story. They seem to never gotten the message that sometimes implying something can actually be more powerful then seeing it.
The imagination can often fill the gaps better then watching the scene play out in detail as told by some directors lens. I know that Henry the 8th liked to boink a lot of women, that doesn't mean I need to see the boobs of each and every one. Or in a show like Dexter where there is so much more going on that adding in a sex scene feels so tacked on and takes away from the internal turmoil of the characters which is mostly the focal point of the show.

Such is the rambling of today. I'm off to catch up on some Spartacus I missed.

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