Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where does the time go?

Event season has kicked off and holy moly time sure does fly! One minute its just barely spring and the next I have events back to back! I will try and make a bigger effort to post in the blog about whats going on and of course all the cool links I find.
Every night seems to be filled with something and tonight is no exception! I have to make a short (under 3 minutes) "about me" video to post to the internet. I consider it like an interview with me before you actually meet me. A pre-interview? Its for a top secret project (really I have no idea what its for!) that Yvonna at Charisma Plus 2 has snagged for us. Its kind of exciting submitting for a super secret something. Makes you feel cool that you got invited to do it!

Forgot my phone today (ack)!

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