Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?!

Busy, busy, busy! The time flies by so fast I wonder where it goes sometimes!
Some friends and I made the pilgrimage to PAX East and that was so much fun! We did as much as we could, played as many games as we could get our hands on, acted like little kids at a candy store, and are already looking forward to next year. PAX is such an excellent stress release for gamers every where. A break from the every day where you get to go out and meet other gamers just like you!
I did a lot of networking at PAX and made some great contacts for the convention I am working for called Too Many Games (www.toomanygames.com). We met some great independent developers who booked booths for the show. Man did I meet some talented people! I can't wait to see their games launch because I know there will be a lot of success from these people! Too Many Games is coming up fast (May 6-8th) and there is so much to do! I think the convention is going to be a big success with some big game names coming (like the Angry Video Game Nerd) and lots of great vendors! The emails fly like snow in the winter and it's fast and furious all the time!
The camping season is also coming up and House Hamilton is kicking into gear (www.househamilton.com). Between camping events we are going to and the event we are hosting in June there is a lot to plan for! Everyone is excited already and it seems like we are always planning for something. The first big kick off will be a tent setting up party sometime soon to make sure all the gear stored nicely over the winter. We also get to try out our new common tent and make sure we have all the bits and pieces.
And after the camping season comes the Benefit Evil marathon charity event (www.benefitevil.com) and we have big things planned for this year! We are already several meetings in and the team is pumped. We attended an excellent panel at PAX East about running a Childs Play Charity event and it got the ideas flowing big time! The team is so excited! Its a great feeling to see a project I started grow into something bigger. The idea came from a discussion one night with friends and we made it happen. Its so rewarding to know that this will be our second year and we learned so much from the first!
A lot more stuff demands my attention tonight so I better get a move on. I leave you with some cool links I found today.

My friend David Pierce:

A way too cute animal:

And a feel good story about a dog:

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